Cruise Vessel’s Concept Design preliminary study

  • Feasibility study of new concepts based on Owner’s requests;
  • Development of basic arrangement plans for client’s discussion and evaluation;
  • Development of outlines technical specifications;
  • Preparation of new proposals and alternatives for Owner’s review.

Cruise vessels new building: General pre-contractual consultancies (Contract & Technical specification review and drafting)

  • General arrangement plan definition, in order to accomplish the commercial and technical needs of the Owner;
  • Technical specifications definition, review and optimization before contract’s signature;
  • Cooperation with the Owner Representatives and the Yard’s Technical Offices during the project development.

Newbuilding project management and supervision

  • Plan Approval;
  • Owner consultants and designers coordination;
  • Extra modification management during construction;
  • Supervision of construction;
  • Quality control;
  • Attendance to Factory Acceptance Tests, Tank Tests and Wind Tunnel Tests;
  • Preparation of technical documentation for the Protocol of Delivery.

Support to the ship’s staff for the start-up

  • Assistance to the ship’s top ranks (captain, staff captain, chief engineer, staff engineer, chief electrician, etc.), to provide the necessary information for knowledge of the vessel’s systems, as well as periodical updating of main construction issues.

New vessel’s Warranty management

  • Assisting vessels during the warranty process dealing with the shipyard;
  • Coordination of repair services under warranty;
  • Management of settlement agreement.

Dry Dock Consultancies and survey

  • Hull Paint survey consultancies;
  • Preparation/review of technical specifications for dry docks.

Other services

  • Insurance survey
  • Condition surveys
  • Technical management
  • Auditing